Harvest the Heat Beneath Your Feet



This home required a 3 ton EarthLinked unit. Drilling was done with 3 vertical bore holes, each 100 feet deep. The surface area of the loop is a 7' triangle.

Don Hunt, Cedar View, Utah

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Clark & DanielleTimothy, Roosevelt, Utah

"I am amazed at the comfort in my home now! I just couldn't have understood how much more comfortable the EarthLinked geothermal system would be until I put it in my own house," says Clark.

The ground loop here was drilled with 3 vertical holes. Each hole is 100' deep. The total surface area taken is a 7' triangle.

"I'm glad I was able to fit the ground loop in such a small space. I didn't have to dig up the whole back yard."

This home was retro-fitted with two EarthLinked geothermal heat pumps. Both earth loops were installed in a horizontal pit.

Ray Grant, Roosevelt, Utah

The comfort and efficiency has greatly improved in their home. Now they are not tied to such a large propane bill for their home.

Don's home is a modular home.

Trevor's house is an older, remodeled 1,200 sq. ft. home.

Trevor Luck, Roosevelt, Utah

The ground loop here is in 3 vertical bore-holes, taking a total surface area of a 7' x 7' triangle. It's located in the back yard.