Harvest the Heat Beneath Your Feet


Homeowners with EarthLinked Geothermal Heat Pumps are pleasantly surprised at the comfort in their homes. They also enjoy the wonderful cost savings.

Steve Yack, Neola, Utah

The Yack home is a one level house approximately 4,000 sq. ft. Their EarthLinked geothermal heat pump is separately sub-metered. Their sub-meter shows them an average of only $40 per month for heating and cooling. Even in the harsh Uintah Basin climate, their heating and cooling costs are really that low!

The ground loop here at the Yack home was installed in 5 diagonal bore holes, 3" diameter, 100' deep. The total surface area used was about 4' x 8'.

Jason and Tawnya McKee, Tridell, Utah

With minimal surface disturbance, the ground loop was drilled at the edge of their lawn.

With today's propane prices and electric rates, the McKees are saving over $2,800 per year in heating and cooling costs.

"We really like our ground source HVAC system. The good people at Pink's installed an EarthLinked ground source system in our home in 2008", says Jason.

"We originally were looking for cost savings, but we have been pleasantly surprised by the significant improvement in the comfort of our home. With the old system the house always seemed cold during the winter months. Now the house is always comfortable and never drafty. Besides, if it gets really cold outside, we turn the thermostat up, and we don't worry about the bill! We love this system."

"We love our EarthLinked system. It keeps our home at a more constant and comfortable temperature, whether cooling or heating. We were concerned about the rise in our electricity bill, but we were pleasantly surprised that it was not high at all."

"All in all, we are very happy with the EarthLinked geothermal system and know we will be happy for a long time with our temperature and money saving decision.
Russ Thomas, Roosevelt, Utah
"We decided to do an EarthLinked geothermal heat pump when we were building our home, because of the rising costs in propane and natural gas. We had talked to one of our friends who had spent over $1,500 in propane just during the winter."

"When we learned about the geothermal, we decided even though the premium up front was more than a regular gas heating system, it would be better in the long run."
Maclain & Jeanie Luck, Lapoint, Utah
"The EarthLinked unit is really good. I love the low cost of operation. I recommend it to anyone who asks about it. The initial price is higher, but the overall cost is way lower than anything else."
The Luck's heat pump heats domestic water for consumption and in-floor radiant heat. It also heats and cools air for whole house forced air heating and cooling. Their ground loop is installed in a pit, approximately 2,500 sq. ft., 6' deep.
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Jason and Tawnya had a fairly new propane furnace in their home. It was burning through their money with the high price of propane. They decided to have us install an EarthLinked geothermal heat pump in its place.