Harvest the Heat Beneath Your Feet


With available financing, you could have the savings and comfort of an EarthLinked geothermal heat pump for as low as $75 per month*, depending on the required system size.

For the comparison example shown in the graph below, it would be roughly $81 per month. The average cost of operation for the EarthLinked system is $37 per month. Added together, the whole cost of the system would be $117 per month.

Compared to the propane system (avg. of $302/month), that's an average monthly savings of about $185 per month--even after the payment to have the system!

Price vs. Cost

There is a large difference between the PRICE of geothermal heating, and the COST of geothermal heating.

When financed, a geothermal heating system usually pays for itself from day one.

Just as a comparison, let's look at the purchase of a home using a home mortgage. Assume the price of a home to be $200,000. This home has a conventional "high efficiency" propane furnace and air conditioner. The cost of the home, though, is the mortgage payment plus the operation and maintenance of the home. 

If a $200,000 loan has a term of 30 years at 6%, the monthly payment would be approximately $1,407/mo. If the monthly payments are made for the entire 30 year term, the cost reaches over $504,000. So even though the Price was $200K, the cost--in the form of a monthly payment--is much different.

Let's add the cost of heating and cooling to that home. With propane, the average monthly cost of heating and cooling is $275/mo. That puts the cost (not the price) of the home at $1,682/mo., mortgage + heating/cooling.

Now, let's add a geothermal heat pump. We'll assume the price of the home now goes up to $210,000, to cover the extra price of the geothermal. Now the monthly payment is $1,480/mo. The average heating and cooling, though, is $42/mo. Added to the mortgage payment, the total cost is then $1,522/mo.

Though this difference may seem small, the point is that the Cost is less with the geothermal heating system than it is with the conventional.

No matter how you look at it, geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient means of heating and cooling available. They have the lowest operating cost. Period.

The savings are actually secondary to the most important part of any heating and cooling system. First and foremost, geothermal heating is the most comfortable form of forced air heating available. Check out our testimonials and read for yourself. People enjoy the savings, and they rave about the comfort.

*3.5% APR, OAC