Harvest the Heat Beneath Your Feet


EarthLinked Direct Axxess Earth Loops -- Engineered for efficiency and flexibility

Geothermal earth loops are like arteries in a human body. EarthLinked loops are connected to the heat pump to circulate refrigerant and directly exchange thermal energy with the earth. EarthLinked ground loops have the smallest size and smallest footprint in the geothermal market. They have the highest temperature differential with the earth, which means they can use the least amount of earth contact to work effectively. The loops can be installed in three different configurations -- horizontal, vertical or diagonal -- for maximum design flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The long-lasting earth loops are made of copper, a noble metal that exists naturally as an element in the earth. Copper resists corrosion because of the protective film that forms naturally on its surface. For the rare exception where pH readings exceed safe levels, EarthLinked offers its proprietary Cathodic Protection System (CPS). The CPS projects an impressed current onto the in-ground copper, precluding corrosion in harsh conditions. With installations dating back to 1980, EarthLinked has never experienced a field failure of a production earth loop due to corrosion.

Drill or Excavate? Which one is best for me?

The main deciding factors in choosing vertical vs. horizontal are:

     --available land area
     --geology of the ground
     --access to your site
     --price of drilling vs. excavation

If you have area to do a horizontal loop installation, it still may cost less to drill. This is typically the case if the ground is full of cobbles, rock, bedrock, hardpan, etc. When drilling, the surface footprint is very small. For most homes, it requires up to a 14' diameter circle.

For horizontal earth loop installations, it requires approximately 500 sq. ft. per ton of heat pump. A typical home would require anywhere from 1,500-3,000 sq. ft. of area.